In an unprecedented move, due entirely to the corona virus pandemic, the two major exam boards, Cambridge International Exams (CIE) and Pearson Edexcel, have cancelled all international exams this summer.  For those of you who were due to show off your skills and knowledge this year, here is the latest information from the two boards:

Here is the statement from the Cambridge exam board:

and this is from Edexcel:

You will note in particular the following:

“How will Cambridge assess grades for June 2020 series?

We are currently working to set up the most appropriate and fair process to provide results.  We understand you will be very keen to understand how this will work.  We ask you to be patient whilst we set up the process.  We will update you regularly on our progress with this.

How will Cambridge provide results for private candidates in the June 2020 series?

We understand the concerns that private candidates have about results and we are thinking about how we establish our results process carefully.  We will update you regularly on our progress with this.”

And from Edexcel:

“We are very conscious that all students have worked incredibly hard towards their exams in a range of settings such as schools, colleges and work, including private candidates who have been working independently. We are committed to supporting all students, including private candidates, and will share specific details soon.”

So while we can see that the needs of private candidates are very much in the Boards’ minds which is good news, we have no details as yet on their approach to how exam grades will be awarded.

May we suggest reading through the above statements carefully as they may answer many of your questions.  As always do contact us for advice on anything related on which you would like advice. We know these announcements may not relieve much of the stress that young people face just now, but the exam boards have a difficult job ahead.  We will continue to keep you posted when we have further news.    We do hope you are otherwise keeping well in the meantime!